Unisex Universal Tee

Unisex Universal Tee


Unisex Universal tee. Size S/M. Made with love instead of sweat. Thanks to Rowan!

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100% cotton, been thoroughly washed.


About "Torrented:"

The global fast fashion industry generates an annual average of 15 million tons of textile waste in the US alone: This amounts to about 92 lbs of perfectly good clothing in the trash can of every American, most of which is promptly transported to either a regular landfill, or, corporate America's favorite "garbage-and-woops-maybe-oil-fill:" the ocean. 

The synthetic fabrics that these forgotten garments are made out of take hundreds of years to decompose, making this modern issue a risky one for the environment, and in the long run, your wallet.

Although donating clothing is better than throwing it out, only 0.1% of fabrics collected by charities, take-back programs and stores like Goodwill get recycled into new textile; A small percentage is sold, and the rest of it is thrown away. 

"Upcycling" is a solution to this closed loop: By taking perfectly good, high-quality fabrics and re-purposing them with a style that will keep you interested for years to come, we can help reduce textile waste and promote sustainable fashion. Each of my garments are hand-designed, picked, and made with love instead of sweat. Thanks for reading!

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