Muscle Tee (Sold)

Muscle Tee (Sold)


A black muscle tee with a burnt orange bleach design! Modeled by the lovely Kathryn

Made with love instead of sweat for Torrented, my upcycled clothing project.

Unisex size M/L. Only one available.

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100% cotton, been thoroughly washed.

About "Torrented:"

The global fast fashion industry is estimated to annually generate 15 million tons of textile waste in the US alone. This amounts to about 92 lbs of perfectly good clothing in the trash can of every American, most of which is promptly transported to either a regular landfill, or, corporate America's favorite "garbage-and-woops-maybe-oil-fill:" the ocean. 

The synthetic fabrics that these unloved and forgotten garments are made out of take hundreds of years to decompose, making this modern issue a risky one for the environment and in the long run, your wallet.

Although donating clothing is better than throwing it out, only 0.1% of fabrics collected by charities, take-back programs and stores like Goodwill get recycled into new textile; A small percentage is sold, and the rest of it is thrown away. 

"Upcycling" is a solution to this closed loop: By taking perfectly good, high-quality, and unwanted fabrics and re-purposing them with a style that will keep you interested for years to come, we can help reduce textile waste and promote sustainable fashion. Each of my garments are hand-designed, picked, and made with love instead of sweat! Thanks for reading.

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