Melanie J. S. is a NY-born artist, writer, and academic. She's currently based out of Stony Brook. 


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Melanie J. S. is a writer, researcher, freelance multimedia designer and academia survivor from the New York area.

She has a history in doing collaborative cognitive science research in user experience, along with experience in statistical analysis and classical literature analysis. She has professional experience in journalistic and academic writing and has been published in an undergraduate textbook.

Her current project, “torrented,” has foci in renewability and design thinking. Right now, some topics that interest her include renewability/conservation tech, cognitive bias research, the psychology of media influence, information theory and AI policy, all with special emphasis on cultural collaboration and interdisciplinary study.

At the tail end of her undergrad academic study, Melanie gained professional artistic experience in studio art and sculpture. She holds a Bachelor's degree in experimental psychology with a minor in anthropology from The State University of New York at Binghamton '17.